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Esports Business Network is a professional network for professionals in the Gaming & Esports Industry. 

Our flagship product is our Esports Business Directory, our directory is the easiest way for professionals to connect.

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"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Trent in various capacities, and his professionalism, expertise, and dedication make them an outstanding choice for any business venture.

Throughout our collaborations, I have witnessed Trent consistently demonstrate a deep understanding of the esports landscape, both from a business and creator standpoint. His comprehensive knowledge of the industry's dynamics, trends, and emerging opportunities positions them as an asset for any ambitious esports endeavor.

Trent possesses strong networking opportunities within the Esports and Creator community. He has cultivated meaningful relationships with key industry stakeholders, including professional players, teams, tournament organizers, and sponsors. This extensive network not only opens doors to valuable partnerships but also provides access to invaluable insights and resources necessary for sustained growth in the highly competitive esports landscape.

Trent has shown exceptional communication skills within the Creator Economy. He can articulate, persuasive, and adept at conveying complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. Whether it is negotiating contracts, presenting to potential investors, or engaging with followers, Trent possesses the ability to connect with diverse audiences and build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect." - Michael Crossman, Claim to Fame Entertainment


"I've enjoyed working with Trent in both content creation as a guest on his podcast, as well as creating value for events rights holders, esports competitions, and community engagement through events and conventions.

Trent has always been a visionary and willing to try new things and experiment. He's curious and thoughtful when it comes to contributing to a team effort and opening new doors for opportunities.

It's been a pleasure to know Trent and I would recommend him to any team that wants someone willing to get into the trenches and uncover the hidden potential in some of the most complex places." - Peter Perez, Inverse