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EBN is a platform designed to assist novice streamers & gamers in making it in the Esports industry. I’ve been working in the industry for over 5 years & I’ve learned a lot about monetization.

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Esports Business Network is an emerging technology company focused on interactive education & networking in the industry of Esports. EBN was established to aggregate real-time Esports business news for consumers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The success of the organizations social media presence allowed for the company to develop their own platform to provide direct service & product offerings to the companies customers & clients.

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Meet: Trent Knox

Trent Knox is the Founder of Esports Business Network. He is the Owner & Operator of EBN. He founded the company to create a platform to distribute content in the niche of Esports. He has been creating original content in the industry, both online & offline, for over 5 years. Some of the most notable companies he’s collaborated with are SXSW Gaming, DreamHack, Overwatch League, and Classic Game Fest.